5 Easy Ways to Teach Your Child English at Home 05


This is our fifth and final portion of our series about helping your child learn English at home!  If you didn’t get to see the first four parts, please read them first by clicking here.

The last point for discussion is more like two points in one…


5.Learn Alongside Your Child With Consistent Daily Practice

This is something many people may think is difficult but it may not be as difficult as you think.  The difficulty is really in beginning as the famous quote by Horace goes: “He who has begun is half done; dare to know; begin!”  Success in any area of life requires a consistent effort.  That means to practice a little bit every day and don’t give up because the results in the beginning seem much lower than your expectations. 

I notice how willing people are to put away some money every month, no matter how little, either in savings or investment to provide for the future and this is a great idea.  How much more ought we to invest a bit of ourselves in the form of our time and effort for our children?  We’ve got to invest in our children’s English education from the time they are very small, just a tiny bit each day and the rewards we will reap will be manifold.  You will also find your own English improving.  Actually, it will be a double investment, an investment in bettering your own English skills and habits as well.


Furthermore, whether or not we choose to enroll our children in English schools or purchase English programs for home use, there still MUST be a regular daily habit of practice at home.  Therefore, we can’t satisfy ourselves with thinking our kids being enrolled in a great program will take care of everything.  That is because we are dealing with humans, language is living, and the habit of language usage is what really helps people learn a second language well. 

On this note of a small yet consistent daily effort I wanted to end by offering a little encouragement from this lovely poem by Julia Fletcher Carney…enjoy!


Little Things
 Little drops of water,
 Little grains of sand,
 Make the mighty ocean
 And the pleasant land.
 So the little moments,
 Humble though they be,
 Make the mighty ages
 Of Eternity.
 So the little errors
 Lead the soul away
 From the paths of virtue
 Far in sin to stray.
 Little deeds of kindness,
 Little words of love,
 Help to make earth happy
 Like the Heaven above. 


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