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Whether your’e a parent, a teacher, or a school, we have all the resources you need for English language learners.  In person classes, online lessons, & teaching materials are all at your fingertips right now.


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Online courses specially designed to create a context for using English in everyday situations.

Living language lessons fully engage the student with movement and fun activities.

Lessons are easy to follow and a joy to learn.

Great for the whole family to practice speaking English together right away.


For Teachers

Great visual resources that ESL students need

High interest, interactive materials that students love

Story props, art activities, nature study, writing & reading practice, games, and varied independent learning activities

Convenient, ready-made materials saves teachers time and lets them focus attention on the students.

For Schools

Complete and leveled English Language Curriculum for instruction in reading, spelling, grammar, listening, and speaking.

Perfect for any school that provides English language instruction (kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, after school programs, child and adult learning centers, etc.)

Curriculum is completely accessible online with accompanying books available.

High quality, reliable instruction – easy to implement, easy to teach, and easy to learn.

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Easy to teach and a joy to learn, our courses and materials help every student confidently use English as a living language.

What Others Are Saying

Hello, My name is Anderson and I am one of the first students in teacher Tony & Leandra’s class I just want to thank the teachers for educating me in 2009. I have come to the USA for better education and T&L has definitely prepared me for speaking fluent English here. (Chenhsin, Huang)

Anderson Huang Student

感謝老師的引導,能讓他有機會暢所欲言,盡其所能去使用英語這項溝通工具。 才短短1個半月就讓他跨越瓶頸,畢竟我能教他的英語有限,而且也比補習班制式化的方式還學習更多,這種結果正是我和兒子所期望的,因為他覺得很快樂,而且有老師可以教他正確的學習語言方式,他就更願意使用,總之很感謝老師。
Yin L. Parent

I’m really lucky to have met Leandra and Tony.  It’s very hard to find a good teacher in childhood.  My daughter really appreciates their teaching.  There are many stern teachers in Taiwan.  I never met a kind English teachers like them in my school life, it’s a pity! 
Jenny C.Parent

當孩子在家自己玩時,也很常自言自語,大部分使用English!! 而且喜歡Reading!! 這是在T&L上課之後的一大改變。
S.Y. Yang Parent

My child is confident in her English speaking abilities and she really likes T&L English School.  I’m glad to find this place, it’s the best way to learn English, Thank you!
T.C. Zhang Parent

It’s been almost a year since my daughter started learning English at T&L.  She has grown so much both mentally and physically.  I believe that Tony & Leandra have definitely played an important role in her growth. 
Yolanda L. Parent

 Joyful Life With Children

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Art in Education: Clay Modeling

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Sharing the Feast We recently had our end of term exams and celebration.  Exam week is a time for the children to show what they’ve learned over the course of the term.  Truly, they are always eager to share what they are learning.  It is made even more special when...

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