Practical Life


This little lady is fully engaged in grinding those shells!

Keeping a family garden gives endless opportunities for the exercises of practical life. Here is an activity I made for my preschool-age kids and they love it. I save the eggshells that I use in cooking, clean them and let them sit out to dry. Then I put the egg shell halves out on the shelf with a mortar and pestle. I let the kids grind them up and then take them outside to add to the garden as fertilizer. The children get some great motor skills practice and the joy of helping to care for the plants in the garden. Of course as with all Montessori works, the children get that awesome practice with the habit of attention too.


Dutifully taking the shells outside to fertilize the garden.


Your vegetables thank you, little one!


Admiring her work. Can you see the little specks of egg shell in the soil?