End of Term Celebration


Sharing the Feast

We recently had our end of term exams and celebration.  Exam week is a time for the children to show what they’ve learned over the course of the term.  Truly, they are always eager to share what they are learning.  It is made even more special when their grandparents take part in the fun because there is much to discuss around all kinds of subjects.


The children are delighted that their extended family members take an interest in their learning and the grandparents are happy to see their grandchildren’s knowledge and skills growing ever better. But this way of “sharing the feast” is really so much more, it is a person to person interchange of ideas.


It is a time to stop and reverence the personhood of each other, to take pause, see one another, and be in awe of the mystery of the human soul.

I think this is something we do very little of in our modern and hurrying society. It is hard for me to slow down sometimes too during the daily lessons every week.

I’m focused on following the timetable and making sure we get to all of our work included in this feast of education.

Even though we are making progress on our lessons little by little every day, it can still be difficult for me to see the big picture sometimes of where we are making progress or where we need to do better.

This is where exam week keeps me on track. It’s not only a great opportunity for the kids and family, but also for the teacher.

It puts all the learning of the term together as a whole and allows me to have a good look at it to find out where things are going well, where we may need adjustments, where certain children may need more attention, etc.

Exams help me to improve my teaching which will benefit both me and my students and for that I’m grateful for this tool.