We continue to make progress in our clay modeling work and the children are enjoying it tremendously.  Although the children have been creating from all kinds of materials since they were quite young, including clay of some type, I’m so glad I decided to make a spot for clay-modeling on our lesson schedule, and to really practice it in earnest.

We usually start with some kind of warm up exercise – today we began by rolling the clay into balls with our fingers and forming them into geometric solid shapes. Then we began our project which we molded from a real object. It’s great for helping to develop the child’s powers of perception.

We knew we wanted to shape flowers but I didn’t have any kind of flowers on hand so I actually picked some flowers from a very common garden weed in our area to use as our model. It worked out quite well.

I always love to see the variety of the finished products among my students. It’s like getting a little window into their hearts, something I think all mothers would really cherish.

I also really love how some of them insist on molding an additional item of their choosing from their imaginations.

This practice not only helps them develop their beauty sense among many other things, but it also helps my kids return to all their other lessons with vigor.