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At this point in our Montessori learning journey, we’ve got little Magpie (2yrs), sweet Bear (3.5 yrs), and Mr. Eagle (5 yrs) all working in the classroom daily. We also have a group of other children coming to join us several times a week for Montessori work. The practical life area gets a lot of use for this age group and I usually change things up every couple of weeks to a month depending upon my observations of the children and their work.

In the picture above on the left we’ve got the housekeeping items…….

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This is something many people may think is difficult but it may not be as difficult as you think.  The difficulty is really in beginning as the famous quote by Horace goes: “He who has begun is half done; dare to know; begin!”  Success in any area of life requires a consistent effort.  That means to practice a little bit every day and don’t give up because the results in the beginning seem much lower than your expectations. 

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The word verb comes from the Latin verbum which actually means “the word” That is because verbs are THE most important words your child will learn.  When you start from verbs and phrases in daily life it will be so much easier for the child to understand and speak complete sentences correctly right from the beginning. 

I don’t understand why we often have a tendency to try and cram our children’s brains with a bunch of nouns from the get go….

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I strongly discourage putting your child in front of the TV, or cell phone app to learn English.  Robots and electronics as well as online games and apps should be avoided at all costs.  These things are known to be detrimental to the social and emotional development of children because they often end up replacing the much-needed interaction ……

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I mentioned in the first point that the very young child has acquired language skills rapidly simply by listening and observing.  We can follow this method by letting the child have plenty of chances to hear spoken English and connect those spoken English words with ideas in the environment. ……

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One of the most common questions I get from parents whose children are learning English is: “How do I help my child with English at home?”  These parents have a great understanding of the way language learning works.  They are wise enough to know that simply sending their kids off to an English school is not enough to help their children learn English well.  They also have a firm grasp of the ever-important role that parents and home environment play in the education of a child…….

Sharing the Feast We recently had our end of term exams and celebration.  Exam week is a time for the children to show what they’ve learned over the course of the term.  Truly, they are always eager to share what they are learning.  It is made even more special when their grandparents take part in the fun because there is much to discuss around all kinds of subjects. The children are delighted that their extended family members take an interest in their learning and the grandparents are happy to see their grandchildren’s knowledge and skills growing ever better. But this way of “sharing the…


Tony & Leandra

Tony & Leandra


Practical Life

Keeping a family garden gives endless opportunities for the exercises of practical life. Here is an activity I made for my preschool-age kids and they love it. I save the eggshells that I use in cooking, clean them and let them sit out to dry. Then I put the egg shell halves out on the shelf with a mortar and pestle. I let the kids grind them up and then take them outside to add to the garden as fertilizer. The children get some great motor skills practice and the joy of helping to care for the plants in the garden. Of course as with all Montessori works, the children get that awesome practice with the habit of attention too.

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Art in Education: Clay Modeling

We continue to make progress in our clay modeling work and the children are enjoying it tremendously.  Although the children have been creating from all kinds of materials since they were quite young, including clay of some type, I’m so glad I decided to make a spot for clay-modeling on our lesson schedule, and to really practice it in earnest.

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Family Gardening

Keeping a family garden has always been very important to me. Although I seem to have a black thumb I’m definitely a wanna-be gardener and/or homesteader. Why I have this desire when I’m no good at it, I’m not really sure. But I have a feeling that it is because there is something rejuvenating about being out of doors for long periods of time. I just feel happy spending time outside in the fresh air. And there is something so fulfilling about watching something you’ve planted and cared for prosper

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可能你們都聽過這個故事,故事是這樣的,在中國有一位皇帝,非常喜歡美食,他吃過各種各樣的料理還是不滿意,因此下了一道諭令:「只要有人能夠做出最好吃的料理,我將給他享用不盡的錢財,但如果我覺得不滿意將會送到大牢。」許多有名的大廚都去嘗試,但紛紛都落到入獄的下場,有一個小伙子信心滿滿的也去報到,他很有信心的告訴皇上說:「我能夠做出最好吃的美食,但這道美食沒辦法在宮廷裡做出來,需要皇上親自跟我……Read More



我們忘了我們曾經是個孩子……Read More



「你的人生主要不是取決於生活帶給你什麼,而是你帶何種態度至生活裡;不是你遭遇了什麼,而是你怎麼看待所遭遇的事。」– 哈里利‧紀伯倫 (詩人)

每個階段都有不同的挑戰,而學習和成長總是有代價的,從懷胎10月所經歷的不適,到經過最痛苦的生產過程,孩子終於誕生了;眾人都一同分享喜悅,多麼美好的生命展開了!似乎前面的痛苦都……Read More




我們都知道鑽石是在地球深部高壓、高溫條件下形成的一種由碳元素組成的單質晶體。因此有人說過一句話:「鑽石是堅守崗位的碳。」大環境的影響及我們的生活都在不知不覺中,習慣往舒適的環境……Read More




在生活中我們可能會碰到很多現實的問題、挫折及他人批評的眼光,但是教育孩子最重要的責任是在每個家庭及父母身上,孩子不應該只有滿足生理及知識需求就夠了,我們更重要的責任是能夠滿足他們的……Read More